Yeats said Ireland “is no country for old men” and he was only 60 when he felt neglected.

Ireland has changed a lot, but old age is still a sexless place and ageism is an acceptable practice, but ageism is a cruel rejection. Ageism degrades and diminishes a person’s life based on age, and unlike any other form of prejudice, ageism will affect us all if we live long enough.

Do you want to become invisible as you age, do you want to be laughed at and ridiculed for signs of…

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The Irish government thinks that schools are essential for young people’s mental health, but they ignore people whose mental health suffer in school and not just in a pandemic. School is a mental health problem and it has never been addressed in Ireland or elsewhere. Not everyone thrives in school, some people survive school. School is non-essential for many young people. If a young person is suicidal, mental health professional won’t believe or take seriously a young person’s statement that it is school life that’s getting them down, not life.

If a young person suffers from anxiety to the point…

Education post COVID must scrutinise the school system.

It’s not just in pandemic times, school has always taught fear. Fear and boredom. In COVID times, we pile on the fear by forcing students to wear a face mask for a full day, apart from eating. This is a form of abuse, but just like with the school uniform — ugly, itchy and uncomfortable, we keep quiet.

Humans are naturally curious, and never as much as when we are children, but school kills it, if not in primary school definitely by secondary school.

Children love learning until they start school.


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Friends are not always for life and strangers no matter how intriguing don’t always move into our lives for long enough to become friends, but their touch remain with us, and maybe we are sometimes recalled in conversation or as a brief recollection but unless we are famous or at least important in wider circles we won’t have a large attendance.

Funerals are for the people left behind, it’s not about us. We have already gone on another adventure.

Most of us don’t enter into history when we die.

Life is an adventure and so is death. When the time…

Listening to the monologues from famous Irish writers, I realise more than ever that my Ireland is a different Ireland.

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Isolation has deepened my communication with my partner, and also the lovers I can’t see due to the lockdown. We have had some slagging matches, but I don’t make him come around to my point of view, we were born in different countries, grew up in clashing cultures, and we don’t share any common childhood markers except snow. Perhaps the snow has made us warmer, we don’t need the other to agree, we allow each other to be heard and…

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I couldn’t vote in the referendum to repeal the eighth amendment of the constitution of Ireland back in May 2018 because despite having lived in Ireland over half my life, I’m still not a citizen because EU has made it easier to stay a citizen where you were born rather than change to where you live.

I still can’t afford the cost of becoming an Irish citizen, but I supported the yes side by sharing my story of abortion. …

“My biggest love relations have always been the children […] I’m more a mother than anything else, so I have had more happiness from my children.” Astrid 1993

Astrid Lindgren was a Swedish children’s fiction author and by default a children’s rights activist. If Astrid hadn’t lived, many children would have died before their time and Sweden wouldn’t have been the first in the world to ban corporal punishment.

Astrid famously said, “give children love, more love and then some more love and common sense will come by itself.”

Even in today’s world, this is still a radical idea. …

So you are a creative who can think critically, and also speak several languages which are desired skills by many future employers, but do you know who you are in a group setting?

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Every significant human accomplishment is the result of people working together to achieve a common goal. Of course, the reality for many is that group work is hard work.

A group is easy to create. Just gather a handful of people, and you have your group.

Now, do you think that that’s enough?


For a group to become a team, we have to learn to look at differences as opportunities.

A team is something else. A team can’t be put together.

A team is a small group of people with skills that complement each other.

A team is dedicated…

Most people think they are a little less biased than the next person, but this is faulty thinking. We are all biased, but we can unlearn and relearn by becoming aware of our biases. Bias is not just a personal attitude. Biases say something about the culture we grew up in or the subcultures we moved into.

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A cognitive bias is a systematic error in thinking, it’s like a mental shortcut due to either flawed memory, scarce attention, natural limits on the brain’s limited ability to process information, emotional input, social pressures, and also ageing.

Instead of taking all information into consideration before making a decision, it would be too exhausting, we let our biases or shortcuts guide us.

Becoming aware of our cognitive biases as well as our implicit biases is important if we truly want to view the world without distortion. Unlearning is as important as learning. Questioning everything, especially oneself is essential. Not all…

Talking to ourselves is important and tweeting can give an insight into what really matters.

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For fuck’s sake, decriminalise sex work now. Sex workers are peace workers. Sex workers are frontline workers. Sex workers are essential workers. The Nordic model isn’t working. Prostitution is not the oldest profession in the world, but sex is possibly the oldest currency in the world.
What we enjoy we trade.
Trading sex isn’t unique to humans, plenty of animals do it too, but taking the pleasure out of it and judging it as bad is human.

To learn a new language, we have to get comfortable with making funny noises.

Physical distancing/social distancing is not natural or a new…

Tina Brescanu

Tina is a bilingual writer of unconventional fiction and a media student exploring sex, ageing and human rights. Empath. Trickster. Laughs a lot.

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